Meet Kobe

KOBE brings security, safety, companionship, health, and a connected peace of mind to your home, appartment, and condo. Always there waiting for you, greeting you, helping you, having fun with you, working out with you, and protecting you 24 hours a day. KOBE is the ultimate room-mate, a state-of-the-art robotics platform with unlimited possibilities.Inspired by trends in home health, fitness, security, and urban life-styles, KOBE will not take up much space to be always there for you.

Game and Play
based Learning


Unstructed play such as creative
drawing activities and imagination
building help develop original thinking.


Kobe knows the full Merriam-
Webster's Dictionary for children
which enables Kobe to provide age-
appropriate definitions and related
information to help children learn and
understand the meanings of new
words and concepts.


Parents can schedule key events in the
Kobe Parent App


Check out the features

Kobe is the next generation educational robot platform: A state-of-the-art machine with unlimited possibilities at an incredibly
attrective price point. Inspired by future technologies we wanted to create a completely different, original educational robot.

Silicone Coating

Accessories and Robot
coated with Medical grade

Privacy Mask

A small shutter on top
covers the lens to block the
camera lens.

Grows with your Child

Accessories and Robot
coated with Medical grade

Personalised Reports

Accessories and Robot
coated with Medical grade

Wonderful Tutor

  • ✓ Limits screen time &
    improves speech skills
  • ✓ Makes learning fun with
    engaging lessons
  • ✓ Companion iOS &
    Android app for parents
  • ✓ Free basic and advanced
    English lesson


Amoled Screen

Head Mounted Projector

Ergonomic Award Winning

Deep Learning and AI

World's most sophisticate and
powerful education Robot

Behaviour Engine


Your child will be able to converse with
kobe without fear of judgement. Their
role as a mentor to kobe will help build
self-confidence and allow them to
solidify the social and emotional skills
they are learning.

Story time with kobe is wholw new
experience!Your child can build
confidence in verbalization by reading
aloud to kobe,while kobe enhances
the experience by playing thematic
music and sound effects.with some of
the most popular children's books,
kobe also asks questions to review
reading comprehension or social-
emotional concepts


Kobe encourages mindfulness through
exercises such as breathing activities
and meditation journeys to help
children develop emotion regulation